comparative stance on issues

Susan HerreraDebbie RODELLA
Susan has extensive experience working with local teachers and superintendents to develop and sustain successful educational programs, including First Born (a home visiting initiative reaching out to new mothers), Science Inquiry (hands-on science education curriculum and training for all area elementary teachers), and the Nursing Program at NNMC. She also raised funds for thousands of college scholarships for area students.EDUCATIONDebbie has little or no experience collaborating with teachers and superintendents to develop and implement educational programs for the benefit of NM children.
Susan will fight to make sure New Mexican water, land and all natural resources are protected. She will stand up to special interest groups who would deplete our land and water for corporate gain through drilling, fracking, and overuse. ENVIRONMENTDebbie is beholding to gas and oil lobbyists who donate thousands of dollars to her campaign. She has voted against NM Air Quality amendments that Would limit pollution; against a Uranium Clean-up fund, and against the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards. She has a D rating from the Conservation Voters of NM.
Susan will grow a diversified economy, strengthen NM working families, and create jobs for working families by forging public-private partnerships to provide training and internships for jobs in sectors such as renewable energy, small businesses, and infrastructure improvement.ECONOMYDebbie is beholden to corporations that push oil and gas as the main driver of NM’s economy.
Instead of trapping our citizens with predatory small loan interest rates of 175% or more that result in a debt-trap that is hard to overcome, Susan supports short-term employee loan programs similar to those offered in seven NM counties.PAYDAY LOANSDebbie receives funding from corporations that support Payday loan operations. She stated that the vote to limit predatory lenders to interest rates of 175% interest rates was a “good compromise”.
Susan is strongly in favor of the popular vote in NM as well as same day voting registration and automatic voter registration with issuance of a driver’s license.VOTING RIGHTSDebbie left the room rather than vote on the popular vote in NM. It failed by one vote. She is also against same day voting and automatic voting registration.
Rio Arriba County the largest voting block in the 41st District has partnered with Mora County in a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies seeking settlement for the costs of managing drug abuse crimes and health services faced by county governments. Rio Arriba County is a national leader and proponent of treating drug abuse and addiction as a long-term disease instead of a criminal violation. The Rio Arriba County Sheriff and Rio Arriba County have entered into a vanguard agreement that keeps first-time overdose addicts from entering the jail system, offering instead detoxification and treatment. This unprecedented collaboration between health systems and local law enforcement is a model for the nation. What does Debbie Rodella do? She takes money from Big Pharmaceutical Companies lobbying the NM Legislature. Time for a Change!DRUG REFORMDebbie voted against medical marijuana legalization and voted against reducing the penalties for marijuana possession.
Susan is in favor of universal background checks, mental health screening, and banning semi-automatic weapons. She will work to strengthen sensible gun control measures in NM such as banning firearm sales to anyone who has been convicted of domestic violence.GUN CONTROLDebbie voted for the right to carry concealed weapons into restaurants that serve alcohol. She is endorsed and funded by the NRA who consistently reward her with a high rating, including an A+ in 2015.